Shady Arbour coffee is 100% fair trade, organic and locally roasted.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Shady Arbour is a new coffee company with its own blends, brand and personality. Currently benefiting and supporting rehabilitation in North Carolina through proceeds and vocational training (more details here).

If you are interested in retail or wholesale, just contact us and we'll get in touch a.s.a.p.

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Peter Walker
Managing Director

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Coffee Roasting at Shady Arbour

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Some Photos

Below are some shots sent to us by our customers. If you have one for the collection send it in!

My mornings in Switzerland
by Kendrick Vinar

Chris Melvin
(as Panther Boy),
Shady..and Belief!

Charlotte, NC, from the top ledge of the Panthers' Stadium

Santa delivering Shady Arbour, Dublin Ireland

Chris and Tonya, Panters v Cardinals, NFL Playoffs 2009

Shady Arbour makes it to Ooty, India thanks to Debbie Walker (gringa on the Right)

VIMEO HQ, NYC, enjoying a cup of Shady: Riley, Rebecca, Katie, Darnell and Stephen

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